Does Your Kid Want To Be A Ninja Warrior?

Train at Brooklyn Ninja Academy – The Only Ninja Warrior Training Facility In Brooklyn

February 9, 2022

Does your kid want to be a ninja warrior? Brooklyn Ninja Academy offers unique and fun physical activity classes for kids. Recently opened, it’s the first-ever dedicated ninja warrior obstacle training facility in Brooklyn. 

Kids need exercise! Just like adults, kids require about an hour of physical activity every day to stay healthy and fit. But on a normal day, it’s a major challenge to motivate kids to exercise on their own, let alone in the midst of a pandemic, when the options are limited. But every kid wants to be a ninja warrior, just like those on NBC’s popular television show, American Ninja Warrior.

Brooklyn Ninja Academy offers after-school classes for any skill level. Besides being the most fun that kids can have exercising, ninja promotes discipline, focus, and behavioral development. Ninja training fosters kids’ growth and improvement, all while they’re having the time of their lives. Ninjas 6 to 13 years old are separated by age group for training. Lessons are taught by certified ninja coaches, some of whom have been featured on the show, American Ninja Warrior, which currently is in its 13th season on NBC (Monday nights at 8 pm). Some of the coaches and students have even competed in American Ninja Warrior Junior.

The program teaches participants how to overcome uniquely designed ninja warrior obstacles by analyzing, approaching, and conquering obstacles one by one, mimicking the movement and strategy of those on the show. Ninjas will learn new skills and techniques for climbing, swinging, agility, balance, and strength. Those new skills are then applied to master various obstacles with increasing difficulty. Participants will eventually learn to conquer an entire obstacle course, and hit the buzzer atop the famous warped wall! Ninja warrior training is a thrilling physical and mental challenge for all skill levels and an innovative approach to setting, achieving, and surpassing personal goals. 

The many benefits of ninja warrior training include:

  • Strength: Some ninja obstacles require upper body and grip strength, and kids improve very quickly. 
  • Agility: Kids learn to have quick feet as they speed through obstacles with the coaches’ guidance, and plenty of big mats to cushion any falls.
  • Balance: Some obstacles must be taken slow and steady to improve balance, coordination, and attention. It takes slowing down, breathing, and concentrating through the balance obstacles, which benefits kids’ ability to focus.
  • Flexibility: Classes require stretching during warm-up and cool down to improve flexibility and posture.
  • Confidence: Kids gain confidence as they master each obstacle, increase their skill level, and become ready to take on the next progression. There is no better feeling than hitting the buzzer at the end of a course, complete with exciting sound effects and lights!
  • New Friendships: The ninja warrior community of athletes is known to be a supportive, unified, and safe environment. Although it’s an individual sport, ninjas encourage and root for each other even in competition, and ninjas make life-long friendships. 

Brooklyn Ninja Academy is a state-of-the-art, safe and clean environment. A new HVAC has been installed just prior to opening, with HEPA filters for clean air circulation. The staff is committed to strict COVID-19 prevention protocol, including compliance with Key to NYC requirements, which includes vaccination proof and masks for all. 

Brooklyn Ninja Academy is also available for birthday parties. What’s better than a ninja warrior birthday party? Kids will be challenged on fun ninja obstacles, and the pro ninja coaching staff will ensure everyone’s safety for the best experience. 

Brooklyn Ninja is open to field trips, special events, and private and small group training. The spacious 7,000 square foot Park Slope/Gowanus location is easily accessible by subway, bus, a bike lane on 4th Ave, and street parking.

The first 10-week kids' sessions began week of February 28th for ages 6–13. 

Brooklyn Ninja Academy is located at 340 Fourth Avenue @ 3rd Street (between Whole Foods and Washington Park)

Brooklyn Ninja Academy is owned by business executive Madelyn Scarpulla, owner of New York City’s first ninja warrior obstacle training facility, New York City Ninja Academy. A music industry professional with a diverse background in marketing, creative services, and business development, Scarpulla held senior positions at several major and independent record labels, and a major-market radio station. For her NYC Ninja Academy business plan, Scarpulla was awarded second-place (among over 400 entrants) in The New York Public Library’s 11th Annual New York StartUP! Business Plan Competition, for New York-based startup entrepreneurs. The second location, Brooklyn Ninja Academy, is opening just over a year later.

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